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Below is an outline of what you as an insurance agent can expect when you refer your customers to Spire Roofing

1. An accurate damage assessment report

Often times roofers will claim there is damage when there is not, or simply do not know what to look for. Spire Roofing will provide an honest, experienced, damage assessment. If there is not damage we will tell you there is not damage, if there is legitimate damage we will tell you there is damage and what the next steps are. This seems simple but an honest assessment is harder to find than it should be.


2. Clear communication

We know how important it is for the agent to be involved in the process and aware of what is going on. We will make sure that you and the insured are in the loop before a claim is filed as well as each step the process.


3. Showing up

Whether we commit to meeting an adjuster, measuring a roof, or dropping off samples we will be there when we say we will. We will return phone calls and follow through on our commitments.


4. A satisfied customer

The last thing you want to to recommend someone that does a sub-par job. We know how important this is and do everything we can to make sure everyone of our customers is more than satisfied with our work.


What you should NOT expect:

1. Our project managers will not recommend filing a claim if there is not legitimate damage.

2. We will not leave you out of the loop.

3. We will not commit to something if we cannot follow through.

4. An unsatisfied customer.

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