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Spire Roofing is a leading provider of roofing services in Aurora, Colorado. As a roofing company owned and operated by Colorado natives, we understand the needs of local home and business owners. For roof repairs and installation, you can count on Spire Roofing to deliver the best possible results. 

Residential Roofing in Aurora

Your Aurora home is one of your most important investments. So, it’s worth it to go the extra mile to protect it. Your roofing system is your home’s first line of protection against the many weather conditions that Mother Nature may throw your way. From freezing blizzards to blistering sunlight and everything in between, you need a roof that will withstand the elements. 

At Spire Roofing, our team has the skill and experience to deliver exceptional roofing for any residential property. Whether you need a brand-new roof installed or your existing roof repaired, we’ll provide the services that you require at a reasonable price. 

Roof Repairs

Roof damage is an issue that impacts all Aurora homeowners at one point or another. Something as minor as a fallen branch or a passing hailstorm can significantly diminish the durability of your roof. As roof repair experts, the team at Spire Roofing is ready to take on all of your roof repair needs in Aurora. From replacing broken shingles to repairing leakage and more, we’ll bring your roof back to its best condition. In the hands of our trained roofers, your roofing system will look like new again in no time. 

Residential Roof Installation

There are many factors that are crucial to the quality of any roof installation. For one, you need high-quality materials that not only match the aesthetic of your home, but also provide the durability to last for many years. At Spire Roofing, we work with only the best of the best in roofing materials. From asphalt to slate to metal and more, we’ll help you select the ideal roofing material for your needs. 

Installing a new roof for your Aurora home will upgrade the appearance of your home while boosting its value. If the time comes to sell your home, its resale value will benefit from an updated roofing system. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon, re-roofing your Aurora home will prolong its lifespan. Roofing systems don’t last forever, and keeping up with your home’s roof replacement needs will prevent costly damage. 

Commercial Roofing

For business owners in Aurora, Spire Roofing is a reliable provider of roofing services. We understand the specialized requirements of commercial roofing systems and will service your roof accordingly. 

Due to the typical low-slope design of commercial roofs, additional maintenance is required to keep a commercial roof in top shape. The contractors at Spire Roofing can provide thorough inspections, cleanings, and repairs for your Aurora business’s roof so that it’s protected against damage over time. By taking a proactive approach to the maintenance of your commercial roof, you can extend its lifespan and lower your repair expenses over time. 

To learn more about our full range of roofing services in Aurora, contact Spire Roofing today.